Kogan 49″ Curved 32:9 Super Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

At the end of last year, Kogan very kindly let me borrow their insane 49″ Super Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor for a few weeks to play around with and talk about. It’s taken me a little while to get to it, but we’re finally here. I’m sadly writing this back on my old regular 24″ LG monitor, desperately missing the desktop space that I had, but also enjoying the desk space that I have. The Kogan 49″ Super Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor is a dream come true if you’re looking to build a PC on a budget; it sells for $1,099AUD (here,Β Β asΒ ofΒ 18/02/19), so if you’re into Ultrawide gaming but don’t have the money to spend on something more extravagant, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. I won’t say that the monitor is perfect in itself; it’s 1080p which I think is its greatest injustice, but for its price, and its size, anything higher is not only going to cost you more, but will also require a more powerful PC to use at the best of its abilities. If you’re building a PC on a budget, it’s safe to assume you’ll be fine with a 1080p monitor.

The monitor certainly feels ahead of it’s time; at 32:9, it takes Ultrawide to an entirely new level. Games just aren’t quite ready for 32:9 yet, which means not every game will get the treatment it deserves with this monitor. You’ll find that most newer games will handle 21:9 easily, and Ultrawide gaming is becoming more and more common, but only a few games get the full 32:9 curved experience. I wish I got to play more of The Witcher 3 with this monitor; the curve truly brings immersion to an entirely new level; it pulled me in more than any other time I’ve played it, and it was amazing. The Witcher 3 ran well; there was minimal latency, and gameplay felt good. Its colours were crisp, and as beautiful as they usually are, and it definitely makes me want to get into Ultrawide gaming. Other games that I tried didn’t do so well however; Overwatch would only go to 21:9, NieR:Automata didn’t like it at all and never actually opened properly, and a few other games I tried were all stubborn in not going to 21:9 – which is why this monitor really feels ahead of itself when it comes to gaming. When games are all running at Super Ultrawide, it’ll be perfect.

What I really loved this monitor for was for productivity. In my day to day I either use a 24″ LG monitor, or my 15″ MacBook Pro – I’m very used to only having one window open at a time to look at, and it’s limiting in how much I can do at once. With the Kogan monitor, I had entered an entirely new world of working, and watching, and playing (when I shouldn’t be playing). I could have my blog open, and Photoshop, and Netflix, all at the same time, and it was amazing. I can only imagine how this would have been to have through Uni, while I need tutorials, and notes, and everything like that open, because it could all be right there in front of me. My partner, Dom, also had a bit of a play at using it for web development and it really is just the perfect monitor for productivity.

I miss this monitor a lot – even if it took up literally my entire desk. I wish there were more games that could handle it’s massive aspect ratio, but if I was in the situation where I could purchase this monitor, I would. I love that it’s curved, and that it’s immersive like no other monitor I’ve used. I love just how many windows I can fit on my screen at once. I also love how honestly comically large this monitor is. I’d forget that we had it, and then walk into the office and just remember that there was this absolute beast sitting on my desk – or the reactions of guests coming over when they’d see it. It’s an ideal monitor if you’re building a PC, especially of that in a budget if you’re looking for something bigger.

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